The Unending Sacrament of Mornings


Title:    The Unending Sacrament of Mornings
Date:    Jan 16
Type:    Digital Game. Playable Here
Role:    Design & Programming
Collaborators:    Seth S Scott
Description: Made in just 48 hours for the Global Game Jam 2016, this was Seth S Scott and my entry for the theme of “Ritual”. It was both my and Seth’s first time participating in a game jam, so our goal was just to make a complete game of small scope. Doing the entirety of the art, design, sound, and programming in such a small time frame was definitely a pressure cooker but really enjoyable experience.


We were floored to be nominated for Best Visuals, and were absolutely blown away to win Best Overall at our location (which was the largest in the US and 8th largest world wide!). It was a real surprise and honor for us. So much so that when they announced us as the winners using a shortened name (“and the winner is… Sacrament of Mornings!”) I was convinced another game with a strangely similar name was actually the winner. We sat there awkwardly for a few moments before reluctantly realizing we had won, ha. A great first time jam experience!