HeliotropeV2Title:    Heliotrope
Date:    Nov-Dec 15
Type:    Digital Game
Role:    Design, Art & Programming
Collaborators:    Solo Project
Description:   Heliotrope was my first game made using the Unity game engine, over the course of two months. It began as a procedural city builder in which little towers grew semi-randomly. The growth was so organic though, I ended up making the city into a plant-like organism and I overhauled the system to allow the player to help it grow by providing sunlight. I tried some quasi-realistic plant and soil textures, but they never felt right given the somewhat abstract nature of the plant. Using Japanese washi paper for the textures worked really well though, and I think the final effect is quite nice. Additionally, the plant plays random violin arpeggios as it grows, giving the game a meditative and exploratory feel.