Cyclops Look Away


Title:    Cyclops Look Away
Date:    Jun 16
Type:    Digital Game. Playable Here
Role:    Design & Programming
Collaborators:    Noca Wu
Description:   Cyclops Look Away is an action game that juxtaposes cuteness and body horror. The art style is all upbeat colors and clean lines, in a game about bees stinging you in your defenseless eyeball. Mechanically,  the game requires the player to juggle two actions. The need to click frantically to eat the honeycomb, and stop to periodically sweep the playfield to scare off bees. Jumping between these motions creates a fun rhythm of play as the bees grow more aggressive.


We were able to fine tune the game over repeated playtests through data capture. Even in its earliest stages, the game recorded a variety of metrics for later analysis. One major finding was the difficulty curve. The data revealed that players that hadn’t won the game within a certain time would never win; in effect, the game became impossible after a certain amount of time. While from observation we had noticed slow games tended to lose, through analysis we were able to pinpoint exactly when and why. Even for small games, data driven design insights can help improve the play experience!